The First Wedding I Ever Attended

NP: Charlie Simpson, Haunted

I want to talk about the first wedding i ever attended. It's a lie, actually - this isn't the first one. But it feels more like the first, simply because I want it to have this distinction. 

It was for my friend, Pok (or Pola, take your pick). Just last December 2013, she was showing us her ring, inviting us for her wedding sometime in 2014. Understandably, we were shocked and nervous at the same time. We barely even met the guy, but you see, to me, Pok was just one of the people who.. kind of had it together, yknow? She was kind of a bitch sometimes, but her most significant quality was her togetherness. Puzzles didn't faze her simply because she was above it - she could look at som many things and see the puzzle that was forming. So even though we barely even met the guy, i guess there was a degree of confidence. "Si Pola na yun eh."